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    News, events 2021

    May 21, 2021
    A Celestial Pregnancy (21.5.2021, Athens GR)

    The time has come for my great news and the biggest suprise of all my lifetime to be revealed. So, my friends, my secret since September of 2020, was my pregnancy. All I can say is that it was the darkes period of my life as I passed it mostly alone. Yes, I was feeling lonely, scared and sad most of the times. I wish I could pass it like most women, with a loveful husband, parents, relatives and best friends but, covid-19 really destroyed lots of things like the public transport. My friends couldn't come to see me because their papers didn't allow them to move to all areas and suburbs of Athens. Not to mention my body pains and suffering from depression, constipation, insomnia and a really dispeakable pain in the nerves down there. It was so much I could't even walk, nor sit normally during the last two months of pregnancy.

    Since I suffered from two miscarriages in 2019 from unknown reasons, I tried my best to make this pregnancy as nice as possiblle with all that luck of support. The only solution to my problem was to start working from home, so, I fixed my insurance papers and declared myself -finally- as a freelancer. In this way I managed to fix my babygirl's insurance as well. The 21st of May 2021 (time was 14:26 at noon) my babygirl came to life. Due to covid I couldn't have any visitors. Her father only arrived, took a couple of pictures and left. The people I really want to thank from the depths of my heart are the ones who gave me jobs and salary during this hard time of my life.

    The other solution was to spend time in a creative way so, I made a series of photo-shootings. The first and my personal favorite is the 'Celestial Pregnancy' by SpirosK Photography. My MUA was made by Elizabeth Petrou as I couldn't do my own because of my pains. In the next updates you will see five to six more concepts. I decided to rent the whole series of pregnancy gowns for photo-shootings of this kind. Stay tuned!
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