Zirconia Starfighter is a modeling persona who was born and raised up in Athens (Greece). Native Greek and passionate for life, most people know her since 2000 when she started modeling, in the difficult domain of the dark alternative scene, motivated by her love for art. Art & Design influence her expression and profession as well today. Her official job as a graphic designer and retoucher is what she actually does for living. However, her skills, ideas and talent in styling, modeling, design etc. pushed her career on the top and so, she became a famous performer. She graduated from Vakalo School of Art & Design with BA (Bachelor Degree) and MA (Master Degree) from the University of Derby (February 2003 - UK).

Zirconia was born to a deeply musical and artistic family. As she was not the average child, she used to attend the most extreme experimental, alternative and underground concerts from a very young age. She would buy anything unusual, or individual and freaky, she would read anything she could that was related to underground music, metaphysical phenomena, as well as supernatural and alternative Lifestyles.

A long time before her degrees in graphic design, she was a remarkable student, finishing her high school with top grades, she learnt french, english and italian. She attended vocal lessons at the Athenaeum Odium from the age of seven. She sang for some bands, but left this behind for other activities. Her sculptures are ready-made themes which are based upon her imagination. Sometimes they are also influenced by books or mythology.

As a model, she loves fashion design & designers and intends to give edgy and unique presence to any event, work or fashion show. In photo-shootings she loves to be as unique as possible, inspired by dreamy landscapes, abandoned places and futuristic compositions. As a go-go girl (freestyle dancer), angle-grinder performer and show-girl, she lives to dance, losing herself into "industrial for the masses". Zirconia's other job is a spectacular go-go dancer, performer (burlesque, fire and angle-grinder acts) and show-girl. She has danced and performed at some well known alternative clubs, some festivals and for bands and DJ's in Greece and across Europe. Some references can be found here, in a more detailed bio, although she keeps on adding new stuff all the time in her updates.

For those who keep asking about the meaning of her artist's name, "Zirconia" is the nickname she used from her childhood in most of the sites & music forums she was in. You might had met her also as Tanya Treed in the past. When she decided to keep it like this, it turned to be a kind of her personal alter ego apart from one of her favorite gems. Zirconia was also a monster in the Sailor Moon anime series without a specified sex which absorbed energy. If you want to learn more about her, feel free to visit her on MySpace and become friends, follow her on Twitter or contact her straight from her official website here. Welcome to Zirconia's world!